Guinness World Record of 17 Wheat Flour Bags


Recently Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) employee set a Guinness World Record for carrying 17 bags of Wheat Flour weighing 50 Kgs each within a 28 minute and 53 second time period. He achieved his feat by carrying 7 Star Wheat Flour 50Kg bags from his teeth for a distance of 30 meters in the presence of a panel of observers. This Guinness world record holder is Janaka Kanchana Mudannayaka. It was his third Guinness World Record.

Serendib Flour Mills, the foremost flour Mill in Sri Lanka was associated at this event by being the main sponsor of the event. Celebrating ten years of Nourishing the Nation for 2018, Serendib Flour Mills has always being in the forefront in providing encouragement and nourishment to deserving Sri Lankans.