Serendib Flour Mills’ 7 Star Flour – 1st wheat flour brand to receive SLS Certification


Serendib Flour Mills’ 7 Star Flour makes history by becoming the very first wheat flour brand in the country to receive the prestigious SLS certification from the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI).  The ceremony to celebrate the certifications, was held at the SFML head office and was graced by Gamini Dharmawardhana Director General SLSI. The management of the SFML team and other distinguished officials from SLSI. The achievement recognizes SFML’s commitment to delivering the highest standards of quality and has further strengthened the 7 Star brand’s position as a market leader and the preferred choice of wheat flour for consumers across the island.

The two products that received the certifications were SFML’s 7 Star Bakery Wheat Flour and 7 Star All Purpose Wheat Flour. The certifications which are authenticated quality guarantees of the product, are issued under the Consumer Protection Act No.1 of 1979 and Consumer Affairs Authority Act No.9 of 2003. By granting this certification, SLSI attests that the 7 Star Wheat Flour brand is consistently manufactured in accordance with the relevant standard specifications, adhering to meticulous quality assurance systems and protocols. SLSI deems a product’s eligibility for the certification by employing expert auditors to carry out regular monitoring sessions and quality assurance audits.

SLSI is the national standards body in Sri Lanka, which is a widely known as a hallmark of quality in nearly every Sri Lankan household. In addition to providing services that facilitate brands to enhance their quality, SLSI also plays an important role as a trusted third-party authority that provides assurance to consumers regarding the quality of Sri Lankan products and services. The SLS emblem on a product denotes that the product has been manufactured in line with the highest quality standards, and in total conformity with national safety and quality specifications.

Commenting on SFML being granted the reputable SLS certification for two of its 7 Star Flour products, Kevin O Leary- CEO of Serendib Flour Mills said: “We are delighted to receive SLS certification for two key products in our portfolio, and we are honoured to become the first SLS certified wheat flour brand in the island. This certification is a testimony of our steadfast commitment to adhering to industry-best benchmarks, practices and standards, and we believe that it will further distinguish and set us apart from other brands, whilst solidifying our leadership position in the market.”

SFML also holds an array of globally acclaimed certifications such as the ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System Certification from Bureau Veritas India, the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification, as well as the ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System Certification from Control Union Inspections, Netherlands. The company’s top grade 7 Star Flour brand offers a wide range of wheat flour products that cater to diverse dietary preferences and needs, and are available in a variety of volumes and packaging formats.