Serendib Flour Mills reiterates its commitment to nourishing the nation on World Food Day


Serendib Flour Mills (SFML) is an organization that has always been committed to nourishing the nation, by providing a diverse range of high quality wheat flour products to Sri Lankans across the island. In keeping with this year’s global World Food Day celebrations, SFML would like to highlight the steps that it takes on a daily basis, to serve the country’s nutritional needs. Aside from providing tasty, wholesome and nutritious wheat flour varieties, SFML also adheres to the highest standards of excellence and sustainability in food production and strives to continuously make a positive contribution to society through its operation.

Each year, World Food Day is celebrated by people and organizations in over 150 countries worldwide, to create awareness about those who suffer from hunger, and highlight the need to ensure food security and nutritious diets for people across the globe. World Food Day provides a chance for organizations to show their commitment to a key Sustainable Development Goal, of achieving ‘Zero Hunger’ in the world by 2030.

Delivering nourishment to all corners of Sri Lanka: Commenting on the overall mission of Serendib Flour Mills, Kevin O’ Leary- CEO Serendib Flour Mills said: “Our mission is to nourish the nation and we recognize that we can achieve this by producing a world-class range of healthy and wholesome flour products that meet the needs of today’s Sri Lankan consumers. From whole-meal flour to bakers’ flour, to bakers flour, to noodle flour, the products that we manufacture and market align seamlessly with the health and lifestyle requirements of our customers.”

Advocating the importance of quality and consistency being at the very heart of the company’s operation, SFML is dedicated to delivering its core values through the production of its 7 Star wheat flour range. The 7 Star values of purity, innovation, quality, freshness, expertise, service and trust are an integral part of SFML’s foundation and are incorporated throughout its product lines. From the moment the finest wheat grains reach the company’s state-of-the-art milling facility, to the point that each variety of flour is carefully packaged and distributed, SFML remains dedicated to ensuring that each product produced at the mill and dispatched across the company’s extensive network of retailers and supermarkets, offers optimal nourishment, convenience and affordability.

Fortification of wheat flour to serve specific nutritional needs: With the use of only the highest quality wheat grains from the best wheat producing nations around the world, combined with the latest Buhler technology and the expertise of a world class team, SFML has introduced many pioneering products to the local market. The company spearheaded a drive to be the first in Sri Lanka to introduce fortified flour to its portfolio. Working closely with Health Ministry experts, SFML introduced fortified flour in alignment with national nutrition strategies. This particular variant of flour is enriched with added iron, folic acid and essential minerals, and helps meet the nutritional requirements of expecting mothers and young children.

Certifications that ensure stringent quality protocols: Serendib Flour Mills has SLS Certification and has also obtained ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System Certification from Bureau Veritas India as well as ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification from Control Union Inspections, Netherlands. These are the most recognized quality related certifications in the country and the world and reiterate how the company is helping to set a precedent for quality in the industry. Each and every product in the 7 Star range is produced with the greatest care, in accordance with the best international standards and specifications. The company’s commitment to world-class standards, ensure the consistency and quality of each and every pack of flour that is produced at its mill.

7 Star First Wheat Flour Brand to receive SLS certification : Recently Serendib Flour Mills’ 7 Star Flour made history by becoming the very first wheat flour brand in the country to receive the prestigious SLS certification from the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI). The two products that received the certifications were SFML’s 7 Star Bakery Wheat Flour and 7 Star All Purpose Wheat Flour. The certifications which are authenticated quality guarantees of the product, are issued under the Consumer Protection Act No.1 of 1979 and Consumer Affairs Authority Act No.9 of 2003. By granting this certification, SLSI attests that the 7 Star Wheat Flour brand is consistently manufactured in accordance with the relevant standard specifications, adhering to meticulous quality assurance systems and protocols. SLSI deems a product’s eligibility for the certification by employing expert auditors to carry out regular monitoring sessions and quality assurance audits.

Rendering assistance to children and communities in need; a culture of giving back: The corporate responsibility projects at SFML cover three key areas; health and nourishment, training and development and sustainability. The company’s CSR activities are led by the team itself, and are part of an internal effort to uplift communities across Sri Lanka. SFML has always strived to support and educational experiences to children in need, and has worked extensively with the School for the Deaf and Blind, providing much-needed vocational training and classes. Most recently, SFML celebrated Children’s Day by renovating a school bus belonging to the Centre for the Education of Hearing Impaired Children (CEHIC) in Kelaniya. Following the donation, the company also treated over 60 students to a day-out at Guruge Nature Park, to provide them with a unique opportunity to learn more about Sri Lanka’s rich natural heritage in a fun setting.

Wheat flour products that promote healthier lifestyles: For centuries, food items made from wheat grain have helped to support the health, nourishment and well-being of people, enabling them to fight lifestyle diseases and live more wholesome and productive lives. The staples made from SFML’s 7 Star range can be used to make an array of chapattis, rottis, pancakes, pastas, crackers, muffins, biscuits and cakes, and consumers can visit the SFML website; to learn more about delicious recipes that can be made by using 7 Star flour.