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Serendib Flour Mills (SFML) provides a high quality, nutritious and wide variety of wheat flour products to bakers, eateries, hotels, households, industries and consumers across Sri Lanka. A joint venture between Al Ghurair Foods and the Emirates Trading Agency in Dubai, UAE Serendib Flour Mills has established itself as a dynamic and the most trusted supplier in the local consumer foods industry. The company has mastered the science and art of manufacturing the finest wheat flour products in the country and prides itself on offering customers guaranteed quality and consistency.... Read More


To be the number one wheat flour brand in Sri Lanka and the preferred supplier to international markets.


Through the use of the latest technology, we provide the finest quality of wheat flour products to all of our customers, along with superior after-sales and technical support services. We strive to enhance the overall standard of the wheat flour industry, provide optimal nourishment and increase the quality of life of all Sri Lankans.

Parent Company

Serendib Flour Mills is further strengthened by the global capabilities, stability, business acumen and expertise of its two dynamic parent companies.

Al Ghurair Foods has achieved momentous growth over the years. After starting its operations with a single, small mill that was set up in 1976, the company has evolved into a global powerhouse that uses the latest technology and innovations to manufacture an array of food products. With a revenue that exceeds USD 1 billion, the company has a strong business presence and customer base that extends across four continents, making it one of the largest food manufacturers in the gulf region.

Emirate Trading Agency has diversified operations that extend across the areas of civil construction, electro mechanics, shipping, engineering and shipping management. Since it was started in 1973, the company has completed numerous projects in the Middle-East and around the world and is evolving into one of the largest bulk cargo dealers in the region.


Serendib Flour Mills began its journey in 2000 and after successfully completing the construction of its milling facility (the only one of its kind in the country), the company commenced commercial operations in 2008 and introduced its very first product, All-Purpose Flour to the Sri Lankan market. The company has since then enjoyed substantial growth over the years, securing both consumer loyalty and a rapidly increasing brand presence across the island.

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CEO Message

“At Serendib Flour Mills, we have placed quality and consistency at the very heart of our operation as we continue our ongoing quest to rise and grow as a dynamic and innovative leader in the market-place. Our values capture the very essence of our product offering and our commitment to our customers has enabled us to strengthen our position of leadership and build on our legacy.

Mohamed Riyal (CEO), Serendib Flour Mills

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